Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scale Model Trains Under The Microscope -Their Ins And Out

Contributed by Michael Hinkley

Enjoying the trains you're so passionate about doesn't need four years to be spent at University for a Mechanical Engineering degree.

It hardly matters if you're an office guy who spends 8 hours a day doing paperwork, a bank teller who holds nothing BUT cold hard cash throughout the day, or you're just another average Joe or Jane who enjoys piecing nuts and bolts together.

All it takes is a glance and you'll see the scale model trains (or toy trains as some would call them) on the loose on the net and offline realm alike.

Follow that up with a quick search on and you'll see all of the scale model trains that are driving these guys, who are passionate about trains, NUTS down to the bones and most of them come from BIG names like Red-Caboose, Bachman, Life-Like, etc.

To the uninterested, they may be nothing more than mini-copies of the actual trains they're modeled from. HOWEVER, for those who're passionate about them, getting these 'toy trains' creates a sense of personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

I know I'm one of these guys!

Thinking of joining the 'train nut club'? Then knowing the scale model trains along with their ins and outs is needed if you'll get the model trains that perfectly blend with what your wants (and needs) are.

Let's have a look at the 3 popular scales for these mini-versions of those massive mechanical wonders.

N-Scale Model Trains

So your place is NOT as spacious for those massive scale model trains?

Going for N-scale quickly remedies this dilemma. With a scale of 1/160 of the actual train size, it's your top option as it can easily fit anywhere within your home and a spot to place it is NOT a problem.

The Union Pacific N-scale model trains by Life-Like is an excellent example.

It may NOT be as massive as the other scales for toy trains, BUT it will never be lacking in visual features and quality.

HO-Scale Model Trains

Thinking to get a scale model train that's MASSIVE and rich in detail BUT doesn't fill half of your house?

HO-scale model trains are the way to go.

With a size of 1/87 of the actual size, it's jam-packed with color and detail from all sides from the real-life train it copied from WITHOUT taking up a lot of space.

Atlas has created some of the finest HO-scale model trains like Norfolk Southern and Southern Pacific, which were taken from the 3000-horsepower trains that have been in service since 1970's.

G-Scale Model Trains

Want to whet your appetite for massive size and rich (and fine) details and you don't worry about space? G-scale model trains are your BEST options.

These toy trains are GIGNATIC dwarfing the scales mentioned above with its 1/22 scale of the actual train size. They are an ideal size for garden railways.

When it boils down to creating the MOST detailed G-scale model trains, Bachman is the name to switch to. Their V&T replica is so beefed up with features and colors, you can see every visual element from a distance.

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